CS4538 Mobile Device and Wireless Security

Course Syllabus

Staff Information

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Krenc
Office: Glasgow East 124
Office Phone: 831-656-2902
E-mail: tkrenc@nps.edu (preferred)
Office Hours: By Appointment

Meeting Times

Lecture (virtual): MTW 09:00-10:00
Lab (virtual):Th 09:00-10:00

Course Description:

The application of mobile and wireless devices has grown rapidly in military and commercial environments. The functionality and reliability of these devices has grown tremendously. The mobile and wireless nature of these devices raise new and important security challenges not usually present in static environments. This course will address these challenges including the security functionality, protocol, and assurance issues associated with this emerging technology. Prerequisites: CS3600 and CS3690 and CS4537.

Course Objective:

Wireless devices and networks have fundamental differences from their wired counterparts, e.g. broadcast communications, mobility, etc. As a result, wireless networks face unique attack vectors and thus must implement wireless-specific security strategies. Students will gain an understanding the security implications of wireless technologies, learn specific attacks, and develop techniques to secure wireless devices and networks.

Learning Objectives:

Course Schedule:

A mix of interactive lectures and problem solving exercises will be used to investigate the topic material in class. Students are responsible for reading the material in the text that supports each topic of discussion prior to its presentation. Supplemental material may be provided as necessary to augment material in the text.

Our schedule will evolve over the duration of the quarter; check back frequently as this is the primary mode of coordination.


No required textbook. Optional references:



Late work accrues a penalty of 10% off per business day.

Academic honesty: abide by the NPS Honor Code, no exceptions.


As this is an applied course on wireless security, there is a strong emphasis on the labs which account for 50% of your grade. Labs will be assigned on the web site and will be worked on both in and out of lab time. During lab time, the professor will be available to assist. Some labs will span multiple weeks: due dates will be posted on the class schedule. You may discuss your lab with others in the class, but your solutions and writeup must be your own. You must list all collaborators.

Labs should be turned in via NPS CLE Sakai course web site. The writeup must be in PDF -- no other formats accepted.